Book Announcement | Emergence of Cross-innovation Systems: Audiovisual Industries Co-innovating with Education, Health Care and Tourism

Dennis Skley (CC BY-ND 2.0)

NEW OPEN ACCESS book out connecting economic innovation systems studies with the studies of mediatization, platformization, media convergence, cross- and transmediality as well as ‘cultural science’.

Title: “Emergence of Cross-innovation Systems: Audiovisual Industries Co-innovating with Education, Health Care and Tourism”

Editor: Indrek Ibrus, Tallinn University

Publisher: Emerald

Based on the innovation systems concept the book elaborates on a new notion, cross-innovation, referring to co-innovation and convergence processes taking place between different sectors of digital service economies. The proposition is that digitisation and mediatisation processes are conditioning new inter-sector dialogues and the emergence of new cross-innovation systems at the borderlines of formerly distinct industries.  

The case study industries presented are, on the one hand, audiovisual media (film, television, videogames, etc.) and health care, education or tourism, on the other hand. The book builds on 2 years of empirical work across Nordic and Baltic countries, putting a special emphasis on the opportunities and challenges for small countries as they build the cross-innovation systems in the era of media globalisation and platformisation of services. The empirical research of 144 interviews with stakeholders (policy makers, entrepreneurs, managers, professionals) from all four sectors and of secondary data and documentary analysis. The findings tell of complex stories how global platformisation of tourism undermines the emergence of related cross-innovation systems in small countries; how fragmentation of local education and health care markets does not enable the scalability of innovations, but protects local innovation systems for being overtaken by global platform giants. The book has stories of successful facilitation of cross-innovation as well as failures to do so.

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