Performative Citizenship: Public Art, Urban Design, And Political Participation

Performative Citizenship. Public Art, Urban Design, And Political Participation

Edited by Laura Iannelli and Pierluigi Musarò
Published by Mimesis International

Cover: Paperback
ISBN: 978-88-6977-034-0
Pages: 230
Date: 2017
Price: $ 20.00 / £ 15.00 / € 18,00


The essays collected in this book adopt different disciplinary approaches to point out the forms of citizens’ participation developed in the field of contemporary public art and urban design. From Sardinia to Queensland, New York to Bologna, Hasselt and Genk to L’Aquila, Rio de Janeiro to Utrecht, these essays analyze a variety of projects that deal with political conflicts of the societal life in the urban spaces, such as environmental risks and immigrant populations; propose diverse forms of citizens’ participation in the representations of marginalized interests, values, problems, and needs; offer to citizens and policy-makers new ways of thinking about territory renewal; and aim to reorient the decisions taken in the field of institutionalized politics, either denouncing territory governance or supporting its improvement.

Laura Iannelli is Assistant Professor of Sociology of Culture and Communication at the University of Sassari. She received her Ph.D. in Theory and Social Research from Sapienza University in Rome. She has published various book chapters and articles on communication and participation and in 2016 authored the book “Hybrid Politics. Media and Participation” (Sage).

Pierluigi Musarò is Associate Professor of Sociology of Culture and Communication at the University of Bologna, Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science, and Research Fellow at the Institute for Public Knowledge, New York University. He has co-edited, with Paola Parmiggiani, ‘Beyond Humanitarian Narratives’, Sociologia della Comunicazione (2013).

Table of contents

Chapter 1
Laura Iannelli and Pierluigi Musarò
Participation Matters. The Political Spheres of Public Art and Urban Design

Chapter 2
Nico Carpentier
The Concept of Participation:
If They Have Access and Interact, Do They Really Participate?

Chapter 3
Laura Iannelli and Carolina M. Marelli
Cultures in Action. Public Art and Political Participation

Chapter 4
Luca Massidda and Lorenza Parisi
Public Art 2.0? Exploring the Ambivalent Relationship Between Two Participatory Logics

Chapter 5
Pierluigi Musarò
The Art of De-Bordering. How the Theater of Cantieri Meticci Challenges the Lines Between Citizens and Non-Citizens

Chapter 6
Andrea Baldini and Pamela Pietrucci
Knitting a Community Back Together. Post-Disaster Public Art as Citizenship Engagement

Chapter 7
Jhessica Reia
‘We Are not a Protest’. Street Performance and/as Public Art in the City of Rio De Janeiro

Chapter 8
Antonello Monsù Scolaro
Participated Regeneration Processes of Abandoned Places: Experimentation in Sardinia (Italy)

Chapter 9
Nausicaa Pezzoni
Migrants Maps to Explore the Contemporary City

Chapter 10
Max Holleran and Samuel Holleran
Pop-Up Engagement. Design Thinking, Museum ‘Labs’, and Urban Problem -Solving

Chapter 11
Ils Huygens
The Union Hasselt-Genk. A Case Study on Participation, Duration and Sustainability

Chapter 12
Danielle Arets
Prototyping Politics. Design for Voicing Conflicting Ideas and Interests

Chapter 13
Redirective Practice
Making an Age of Repair: Queensland. A Case Study of Participatory Process in Practice