CFP: ‘Minorities and New Media: Revisiting the Field’

CFP: Special Issue on: ‘Minorities and New Media: Revisiting the Field’

Journal of Arab & Muslim Media Research (JAMMR)


Deadline: 28/2/2017

This special issue of the Journal of Arab and Muslim Media Research, which coincides with its tenth anniversary, aims at enriching the debate on new media and minority communities around the world. In an age of unprecedented technological developments, the use of minority groups of satellite TV and social media begs further research from multidisciplinary scholarship.

Banking on the above, this special issue of JAMMR seeks to critically address this ever growing area of enquiry and revisit the field from various theoretical and empirical dimensions. It welcomes contributions based on original empirical studies regarding (and not necessarily limited to) the following themes:

– Minority communities, social media and national identity.
– Diaspora and the media, revisiting the concept/field.
– Uses and reception of minority communities of satellite TV and radio.
– Satellite TV and social media as alternative platforms for news and entertainment.
– Social media, the youth and transcultural spaces.
– Minority media, counterpublics and political activism.
– New media and hegemonic/counterhegemonic discourses.
– How minorities respond to perceived biased mainstream media outlets.
– How the growing number of minority media outlets in the west inform about the undercurrents of power struggle in modern society.

Manuscripts to be considered for publication should be submitted via e-mail to Noureddine Miladi (Editor) on: Each manuscript should be between 7500 and 8500 words including bibliography. All submissions will be blind-refereed.
Please refer to the Contributor Guidelines for the Journal of Arab and Muslim Media Research ( ) before you formally submit your paper.

Deadlines for submissions:
– Abstracts of no more than 250 words along the author’s bio (100 words) and author’s full contact details: by 28th February 2017
– Full papers: by 30th June 2017
– Referees’ feedback: by 15th July 2017
– Expected publication of the special issue: October 2017 (Volume 10, Issue 2)

The Journal of Arab & Muslim Media Research (JAMMR) is an international academic refereed journal published by Intellect in the UK and specializes in the study of Arab and Middle Eastern media and society.

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