Call for Papers | Social Media Critical Discourse Studies

Mark Kens (CC BY 2.0)

CfP: Social Media Critical Discourse Studies

Special Issue: Journal of Critical Discourse Studies

Guest Editor: Majid

The Journal of Critical Discourse Studies aims to publish critical research that advances our understanding of how discourse figures in social processes, social structures, and social change. This special issue is in response to changes in mediation technologies of discourse i.e. the techno-discursive re/deployments in the media industry brought about by the penetration, proliferation and concentration of discursive practices within communicative paradigm of social media (KhosraviNik 2017, 2018). The issue addresses this particular media context against a broadly defined field of Critical Discourse Studies. The special issue aspires to bring together studies which:

– Make theoretical and/or methodological contributions in response to challenges to CDS notions of discursive/media power, representation and ideology etc. as well as adaptations in approaches of accessing, analysing and interpreting discursive practices online.

– Consider social media communication as a new paradigm of communication as well as the spaces, locations and platforms for such communication.

– Critically unpack the nature of contemporary digital discourses beyond merely viewing social media as ‘data repositories’ i.e. engaging with changes in production and consumption of digital discourses.

– Engage with original, empirical and current case study analyses of various contemporary discourses in politics, culture, identity, etc.

– Make critical, fresh and meaningful transdisciplinary connections with social media theory.

– View discourse as forms of structured representations across a range of modalities of communication including the emerging meaning-making artefacts and practices on social media

– Clearly position the research within the core tenets of CDS i.e. its aspirations, assumptions and critique as well as engagement with social theory

KhosraviNik, M. (2017) Social Media Critical Discourse Studies (SM‐CDS). In John Flowerdew & John E. Richardson (Eds.), Handbook of Critical Discourse Analysis, 583–596. London: Routledge.

KhosraviNik, M. (2018) Social Media Techno-Discursive Design, Affective Communication and Contemporary Politics. Fudan J. of Humanities and Social Sciences (ePub ahead of Print), 1-16.


Submission deadlines

01/09/2018 Abstract Submission: Please email your proposal/abstract of 500 words, specifying the scope, aims, theoretical and methodological approach, the case, data and significance of the study to Please include five keywords plus a short bio for the author.

10/09/2018 Acceptance Notifications

15/12/2018 Full Article Submission

Articles should be original manuscripts of 8000 words maximum, including author details, abstract, and bibliography, and should follow the instructions for authors available on the CDS homepage.

Please note that accepted articles will go through the usual blind review process as per CDS guidelines and can be rejected at any time. The title of the SI may be modified at later stages.

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