Announcement of Special Issue | Television & New Media

David Dennis (CC BY-SA 2.0)

 A Special Issue of Television & New Media exploring ‘Big Data from the South’ has been published. Edited by Stefania Milan (DATACTIVE, University of Amsterdam) and Emiliano Treré (Data Justice Lab, Cardiff University), it features six articles and a commentary, as follows:

    Stefania Milan and Emiliano Treré: ‘Big Data from the South(s): Beyond Data Universalism’ (Milan/Treré) (>> open access at
    Nick Couldry and Ulises A. Mejias: Data Colonialism: Rethinking Big Data’s Relation to the Contemporary Subject
    Paola Ricaurte: Data Epistemologies, The Coloniality of Power, and Resistance
    Payal Arora: Decolonizing Privacy Studies
    Monique Mann and Angela Daly: (Big) Data and the North-in-South: Australia’s Informational Imperialism and Digital Colonialism
    Jean-Marie Chenou and Carolina Cepeda-Másmela: #NiUnaMenos: Data Activism From the Global South
    María Soledad Segura and Silvio Waisbord: Between Data Capitalism and Data Citizenship (commentary)

    You can explore the Special Issue at

    To continue the conversation about Southern and resistant epistemologies of datafication (well beyond the ‘Global South’!), visit the webpage of the Big Data from the South Initiative [1], check out the multilingual blog (and consider to contribute to it!), and join the dedicated mailing-list.