Series Events

Please click on the links below to access more information about past and forthcoming events, including information about the presenters, abstracts and video recordings:

Ian Alan Paul: The Conditions of Possibility

Manchester, June 2017

Translation and Citizen Media: TII Conference Panel

Doha, March 2017

Researching Citizen Media WorkshopSource: Q. Sakamaki

Manchester, September 2016

Globalising Dissent wall-map

Globalising Dissent

Cairo, March 2015

Prefiguration in contemporary activismPrefiguration in Contemporary Activism

Manchester, December 2014

Mosireen-logoActivist Subtitling Workshop

Cairo, April 2014

Revolution-Fist-300x225Citizen Media Researcher Training Workshop

Manchester, January 2014

citizen-media colloquium eyeCitizen Media Colloquium

Manchester, June 2013